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Past Bridge Street Mental Health segment with accompanying text.

Tips for Dealing with Other People’s Anger

While much attention is spent helping those who have trouble controlling their anger, folks who are the recipients of the rage also need help. Fortunately, there are some simple but helpful facts to keep in mind if you are confronted with an angry person … no matter what the age.

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Tips for Adding a Little Empathy to your Holiday Gift Giving

It is tough to be blue during the holidays. Amid the hustle and bustle of the pre – Hanukkah and Christmas hype are many folks for whom the season is nor joyous or bright. Although many of us look forward to Christmas as a time to gift and celebrate family and friends, there are many others for whom the occasion is difficult and even painful. … Here are some tips to help you improve your empathy skills for those who have the holiday blues :

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Getting Real about Pornography : How To Get Past Emotion and Reach Understanding

Pornography is a difficult problem in counseling due to many cultural and religious biases and contradictions which have created negative and unrealistic attitudes about sex. Understanding that being titillated by explicit sexual material is normal and not perverted can help remove some of the emotional barriers which block rationally decoding the symptom and uncovering underlying cause of the problem.

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Rekindling Passion: Part Two – The Secret to Re-igniting the Fames of Desire



Flirting with Your Spouse



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