November 10, 2015

Are You An IMpatient Person ?

Are you an impatient person ? 

Certainly having an unexpected delay and having to wait longer than you anticipated can be very frustrating . Whether its being caught in traffic or being stuck in a long line that doesn't seem to  move is both emotionally and physiologically stressful.  

Not everyone is impatient but a lot of people are.  Fortunately there are some simple things which you can do which will bring fast relief.  The next time this happens to you and you can feel the anxiety building, call time out and ask yourself these questions:
1.  Is there anything I can reasonably do to accelerate the process or move the situation along ?
2.  What is the worst possible outcome that could come from the delay? Is it catastrophic ?
3.  Does my getting upset or acting uncivilly affect the situation in any positive  way?


When you realize that the correct answer to each of these questions is "No", try doing the following:
1.  Stop fighting the situation and accept that you will be delayed.
2)  Turn your attention away from watching the clock to paying attention to your breathing.
3)  Slow your breathing down and deepen each breath. Also, make sure that you exhale completely.
4)  Think about a place you love to be.  Imagine the lovely scene, whether at the beach or mountainside.  Feel warm sun and the gentle breeze.
5)  Reframe the experience of the delay and realize that it is an unplanned mini-vacation which is an  opportunity to put all cares aside and  just be . No pressure, no obligations. Things will get moving when they do but, until then , relax.

Michael Heath  1110 2015

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